Drinking Games

by Lankford

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released September 17, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Lankford St Louis, Missouri

A pop punk band from Pacific MO (St.Louis). enjoys drinking and playing our jammy jams

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Track Name: She Likes Pigeons Dude, It's Gonna Happen
Suffocated by four walls
these fan blades
the only thing keeping me company
PBR and video games
the only reasons that I still remain
plans shot down as usual
but this time i'm not going home

Street signs and highway lines
They are my guiding lights home
Four tires and a passengers seat
I find comfort in these things

Black Flag and Misfits songs
Make our car rides seem days long
Gas station food and cheap cigarettes
the few things i know that are safe bets
Instead of going home now
Lets keep our bags packed
Track Name: Swing For The Fences
Struck out one too many times
Burden yourself with your mistakes
Look forward instead of dwelling back
Wipe the slate clean, run for home plate
Lets renew this, lets redo this
Cuz walk off dudes never quit

Might as well give it your all
if not, stop while your ahead
under achiever of the year
always swing for the fences
swing for the fences

When you're two down and two away
Today's your chance to save the fucking day
don't think about all the times you fucked up
Even the best of us have our bad days
Do this for yourself and no one else
Walk of dudes never quit

Trades were made, what's to expect?
You gave it your all, you gave it your best
Well, walk off dudes never quit, so swing for the fences
Track Name: Gateway City Serenade
Remember when we crept and crawled through the dark?
We stumbled through the Loop, took shots in Forest Park
It's been too damn long since we drank Jameson and sung our favorite songs to a silent city.

I'll sing you another Gateway City serenade tonight
In the hopes that it might get somewhere else
And I've sang this song one too many times
It's safe to say I'm on the verge of giving up

So lay me down in the Gateway To The West
These cracks in the sidewalk mark our history
I would rather drown in the depths of the Mighty Mississippi than to leave this song unsung

We walked down Washington Avenue
We tried to count the stars in the sky
But the glow from the headlights and the neon signs were always blocking our view
Track Name: Stack 'Em Up Next To Shaq
So are we heading for another disaster?
Cause I'm so sick of not getting what I'm after
This is the only thing that I've been chasing
The past is gone and there's no chance of erasing the mistakes that we made.

This is the soundtrack to my American Dream
Four chords, four wheels and my low self esteem.
These basement walls the scream for ear drums to bleed

This time, we'll do this all for ourselves
We'll leave the past behind and give 'em fucking hell
And if we don't make it out alive, we'll still have our stories to tell
Track Name: Right Back Where We Began
You thrive on thinly veiled lies
Put that bottle down
And turn your life around
We're all sick
Of the the same old shit
Time and time again
We're right back where we began

And the stories always the same with you
Twelve cans deep, you've got nothing else to do
All we want is something better for you
But you're twelve cans deep and we've got nothing else to do

Tired lies and blood shot eyes
A complete mess
The times come to confess
That we're all sick
of the same old shit
time and time again
you're right back where we began

Don't turn your back

Don't turn your back on this
Don't let us down again
I don't wanna be right back where i began